Terms and Conditions

  • Provisional bookings will only be confirmed when the appropriate deposit has been received.


  • A booking will be confirmed by a written confirmation and a VAT receipt will be sent, along with details of when the balance is due for payment. Any additional charges such as evening meals or cull charges can be settled prior to departure.


  • Under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 you are entering into a contract for services to be provided by South Ayrshire Stalking, the contract will be considered as agreed on receipt of your deposit regardless of the future date of service provision, you have 7 days from this time to cancel and receive a full refund, after that period the deposit will be none refundable.


  • Cull/trophy charges will apply at the following rate, guests may take the venison home at the current game dealer price, (this is in the skin) or, if required, and time permits we will butcher the carcass for you:


  1. £50 for any female deer
  2. £75 for any roe buck up to and including 2 points
  3. £125 for any roe buck up to and including 6 points
  4. £150 for any Stag up to and including 6 points – plus £30 a point above that


  • Skull cleaning and bleaching (short nose) in preparation for skull mount is £50 for Roe and £75 for a Red deer.


  • Any deer shot and wounded, or any evidence of a hit at the strike point will result in the appropriate cull/trophy charge being levied at the above rates.


  • Any male deer shot out of season will be charged at the appropriate trophy rate.


  • Any deer badly shot, i.e. saddle/haunch/gut will be charged to the client based on current dealer rate and the average weight of the species of deer at the time.


  • Estate rifle can be provided however when guests bring their own rifles and ammunition both must be serviceable and fully compliant with the current regulations in force at the time.


  • Guests are directed to the FAQ section and the South Ayrshire Stalking website in general, where further information and guidance can be found. – www.ayrstalk.co.uk


  • We reserve the right to send a guest home without refund if safety is in question or there is any disregard to our instructions and/or animal welfare considerations.