At South Ayrshire Stalking we control and manage the deer population over many thousands of acres extending across a large area of the South West of Scotland up to the edge of the Galloway hills.

South Ayrshire is well known as an area of renowned natural beauty with rolling hills and landscaped forests of mixed conifer and broadleaf, and has a long tradition of provided excellent fishing along with rough, game shooting and wildfowling.

We have excellent woodcock shooting and are able to offer guests a wide variety of other sporting opportunities. Below are some examples of these but please contact us with you specific requirements and we will always try to accommodate these requests.

We also work very closely with one of the best Outfitters in South Africa and can tailor a personalised safari where you will experience the very best overseas hunting experience, or simply travel for a game viewing and sightseeing tour.

Other Packages

Woodcock Shooting

South Ayrshire holds good numbers of Woodcock, which usually build up to a peak from late November, we offer walked up shooting over dogs walking the woodland margins and edges. We are also happy for guests to bring their own dogs and regularly have continental clients working their own pointers for Woodcock. This is an exciting and challenging sport for a totally wild bird, cost for this is £270 Inclusive of VAT per day.

Duck Flighting & Wildfowling

Due to our location on the coast we can offer some excellent wildfowling.

This is offered over fed flight ponds and is normally for Mallard and Teal although occasionally Widgeon make an appearance. Guns are positioned around the pond usually about 1 hour before dark as the duck flight in to feed. Cost is £40 per gun per flight + VAT.

Other Mixed Packages

We also offer and can arrange mixed sporting package and stalking of other deer species across Scotland and South of the Border, please contact us with your requirements.

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