South Ayrshire Stalking is a family run business, located close to Girvan in South Ayrshire, in the heart of some of the finest scenery in Scotland; we manage many thousands of acres of mixed forestry plantations to moorland edge. We are able to offer our guests the opportunity to experience stalking over a wide variety of terrain with a good population of deer. Whilst we are primarily stalking Roe, we are also able to offer good woodland Red and some limited Sika . The Red deer in the South West are notably larger than their hill counterparts.

We are able to offer the following:

  • Roe Stalking
  • Red Stalking ( limited Sika )
  • Training to DSC1 and DSC2
  • Duck and Rough Shooting
  • Woodcock Shooting
  • Game Fishing
  • Deer Dog Training
  • Butchery
  • Venison Cookery

Chris Dalton takes us through his sporting history – from learning ‘the pointed end from the blunt end’ on early forays with an air rifle, through to leaving the air force, discovering the joys of deer stalking and passing on that pleasure to new shooters as a professional stalker.


Chris has been involved in country sports all of his life and comes from a farming family and countryside background. He set up South Ayrshire Stalking, with his wife Anne, in 2005 initially to provide training and guidance for people who wanted to try the sport . They primarily operate across South Ayrshire but have ground across the whole of Scotland. Whilst he has stalked a wide range of quarry, and his ground has a good population of red deer, along with the occasional fallow and sika it is primarily roe on which he spends most of his time. Chris is passionate about sustainability and the management of deer; at Garryloop, the family home, a very high standard of accommodation is provided for guests who will be served venison he butchers in the estate larder which is cooked and prepared by Anne.
The business has developed and grown; Chris now provides a wide range of sporting packages including rough shooting, walked up woodcock , duck fighting and fishing, however his passion remains stalking and in particular pursuit of the roe. Training is still a big part of the operation and Chris provides training to DSC level 1 and 2 at all levels. Through his stalking guiding and writing he has built up a reputation as a roe expert north of the border, is a published author and can frequently be seen on the shooting show passing on his knowledge though the medium of the internet.

Chris Dalton

Owner and Principal Stalker

Dean is a countryman through and through. A joiner by trade but his spare time was involved in country sports from a young age. He cut his teeth like most ferreting rabbits and out with an air rifle. Until 2012 he ran a very successful shoot in West Yorkshire when the estate was sold and so made the move to Scotland. He started working with Chris on a part- time basis, initially constructing high seats and towers and general maintenance which led to him occasionally taking out stalking clients, something he loves to do. He has a natural affinity with guests and a real passion for stalking and so helps out with the stalking when required. A very committed stalker he is equally passionate about the environment sustainability and the ethical management of our native deer species. He is an experienced angler and Chairman of the local fishing club; this along with his background as a gamekeeper is invaluable and he usually looks after clients who wish to sample some of the other activities that we offer.

Dean Fletcher

Assistant Stalker


Current Deer Dog

We are working “Oscar” a Weimaraner and “Daisy” a Labrador. Both will be out with us when stalking and are trained to indicate the presence of deer. We also have experience of working “Bert” a Bavarian Mountain Hound and can give advice and training on the selection of a suitable dog for deer.

Deer Dog Characteristics

A good deer dog needs to be quiet, patient and steady, probably all breeds to some extent can be trained to track, however the gundog breeds and in particular the Hunter, Pointer, Retriever (HPR) are the easiest for the novice handler to work with.

A good nose is essential and to train a dog to a high standard requires, as in all training, consistency and patience to tackle the first basics of training, heel work etc…. and only then to move on to more advanced training

Contact us if you are interested in learning more or want specific advice about particular breeds or to bring a novice dog for training.


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We are easily accessible from Edinburgh, Glasgow from Prestwick airports, for those who wish to drive the route the scenery makes it an enjoyable experience.

Accommodation is provided at Garryloop with Chris and Anne in our converted barn and cobbler’s cottage, which can be either on a B&B basis or self catering in our cottage.

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